Trouble understanding how to use BioSig-ID

Have you watched the short user overview instructional video? If not, please do so by clicking on the play button.


Protecting your security and preventing identity theft is very important. You’re about to create a user profile of a software only biometric – one of the most unique technologies in the world. It will change the way you create your password and secure you from identity fraud.

  • Using your mouse, you will hold your left mouse button down and draw a password consisting of 3-4 numbers or letters that you choose
  • You will draw these numbers on the BioSig-ID™ screen three times to create your password. You will also be asked to enroll in Click-ID™ to create a picture password.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity by drawing the same password you created during enrollment. You can also use a touch screen, touchpad, or stylus to create your password.
  • The software compares each verification attempt to your stored profile and determines whether the same person drew the password.
  • This software provides enhanced security, because only you can draw your password the same way every time.
  • To use the software, you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser and Flash Player 9 or above installed on your computer.
  • Please click on the short instructional video above before creating your profile.
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